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When life gives you rocks..... THROW THEM AT THE EVIL FOX!

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These Dev Support If you need Development Support on a project we haven't released, then you have serious problems we can't help you with. Perhaps you should reach out and seek professional help.

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Membership our most frequent requests has been fulfilled! The TLX now features a fully-customizable backlit keyboard. It has 3 sections which you can customize in red, blue, green or white to suit your mood or match your paint theme.

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About Indie App Cartel

About Us We are The Indie App Cartel, a group of independent developers, artists and musicians who have come together to share our passion for creating amazing applications for the iOS and Android platforms. We come from all over the globe and have an enormous amount of collective experience in the industry with a deep appreciation for the craft.

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2D Flash Animator Job Description: A few years ago when I first started Developing Games for iOS, I



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