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The Indie App Cartel, LLC. was established in 2013 by it’s founder and current CEO, Nicholas Grant. One reason he decided to create the organization was to put a brand name behind his growing number of Independently Developed iOS and Android Applications published in the iOS App Store, Google play, and some other lesser known Mobile Markets. However, the primary reason for creating his for profit company was to house his current project designed with an intent to do the exact opposite.

The companies first project, titled “Chicks Rock On!” might not seem like anything more than another mobile game project among the masses. In fact, in many cases it is. The App is created in a familiar 2d side strolling game style, and hoped to be released by Christmas 2013. What makes the game unconventional is the entire staff is made up of people volunteering their time towards the project for the purpose of benefiting a non-profit organization. Specifically, 100% of revenue produced by the game will be donated directly to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund.

Since holding the first iPhone in his hand, Nick’s has an obsession with mobile technology ever since. His role as an AS400 Developer of Software copyrighted only one year after he was born, he found himself in a difficult position. To valuable in his current role, his continued attempts to convince his company to help him transition into a more interesting and up to date technology based role continued to be dismissed as not being a possibility to consider. So, in 2011 he decided to start teaching himself iOS Development in his free time. It wasn’t long before his current 50 hour a week business application development at his “real job” and his nights of working through iOS business application started making him question this decision. Determined not to give up, he decided to take what he calls the “Mullet approach” towards the issue. His business in the front, was his day job. So, he needed iOS Development to take on a more party in the back role in his life. The solution, why not learn to develop games instead of doing business applications by day and by night?

In 2011 he created one of his first iOS games, a very simple iPhone/iPad app called CHICKSROCK that he decided he would donate whatever revenue stream created by the Ads running in the game directly to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund.


About Indie App Cartel

About Us We are The Indie App Cartel, a group of independent developers, artists and musicians who have come together to share our passion for creating amazing applications for the iOS and Android platforms. We come from all over the globe and have an enormous amount of collective experience in the industry with a deep appreciation for the craft.

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