2D Flash Animator

Job Description:
A few years ago when I first started Developing Games for iOS, I created a very simple iPhone/iPad app called CHICKSROCK (link at end of listing if interested). It’s a Free Game that had two purposes. To create a revenue stream from the Ads running in the game that is directly donated to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund
It also gives the user the ability to learn more about the non-profit organization as well as make donations directly to the Fund. It was no huge success my any means, but it’s managed to continually make about $30.00 a month on average for them in ad revenue.

I’ve improved dramatically in programming since the release of that game, and came up with an idea for a cute 2d scroller game I’m currently developing for iOS iPhone/iPad, and will eventually port over to Android and possibly other platforms at a later date. I’ve ported to Android with many of my other games of mine successfully in the past. This App will also donate 100% of it’s revenue directly to the OCRF. So it should be obvious, if 100% of all revenue is donated to this non-profit organization, this leaves compensation for myself and anyone involved the the project equal to the remaining 0%.

That being said, our team is currently looking for a 2D Flash Animator interested in joining the project.

With this growing team of Indie Developers, Artists and eventually Musicians who are all interested in volunteering their time and efforts, I believe this will be a truly rewarding project for everyone involved. For the obvious reason of helping raise funds for a good cause. As well as other reasons like being a part of what I hope to be a very polished and entertaining game published on multiple platforms and available in a variety of App Stores.

So, will you join us in our attempt to make our beloved “Chicks Rock On!”?

Please read brfore Responding:

  • - This is a pro bono project for non-profit cause – therefore, there is no pay for work completed/submitted. You will receive credits to the completed game.
  • - The animator retains rights to their work (as always) which of course means you can use it in your portfolio. We only ask that you wait until the game has been released to do so.
  • - Interested parties must sign a NDA if chosen to work on project.
  • - 2D Flash experience a must, test may be required if no portfolio is available.
  • - You must be able to work within the confines of mobile constraints. Please know what this means.
  • - You MUST submit a portfolio for consideration!
  • - You must be able to adhere to style guidelines and take direction/construction criticism well.
  • - Please be able to meet firm deadlines.
  • - We are asking for a minimum time commitment of 10hrs a week. The core team dedicates a lot more hours while juggling our full time jobs. Not braggin, just sayin’ that we are an extremely dedicated bunch and wish to work with the same.
  • - Participate in progress meetings via skype

END – Also see attachment for non-profit Organization Banner that would be good to display somehow.

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2D Flash Animator Job Description: A few years ago when I first started Developing Games for iOS, I



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